Constant Contact Contacts Redesign

  • Third-highest call volume topic
  • Confusion on how to manage contacts
  • Unclear how to edit contacts
  • Long-time customer requests that have gone unanswered
Areas of Focus
  • Structure of main view: all contacts vs. list of lists
  • Empty states to provide guidance
  • Viewing & editing individual contact details
  • Default to list of lists since all contacts must be on a list in order to send them emails
  • Leverage empty states to guide users through available options
  • Reduce number of page views for viewing & editing individual contacts
  • Priortize & address customer requests


Focus Area: Main view

The orignial organization of the main view focused on all contacts in the system. The proposed solution shifted that focus to a list of lists to reiterate that contacts must be on a list in order to be able to send them emails.

Redesigned Contacts View: Default to list of lists
Redesigned Contacts View: List of contacts
Original Contacts View
Focus Area: Individual contact view

Originally, when viewing and editing contact details, users were directed to a new page. The proposed solution is to provide contact details in a modal to help ground the user in context.

Redesigned Contact View
Original contact view
Focus Area: Empty state

Orignial empty states defaulted to directing customers to view all contacts. The proposed solution will give users the option for ways to fill that list with contacts.

Redesigned Empty State
Original empty state