FrontStream Auction Platform

  • The top-searched phrase from all products had to do with ending an auction
  • The top-viewed set of pages were those for adding and managing items
  • Qualitative feedback supported that these two phases of the auction process were the most challenging for users, citing that the highly segmented navigation made this a bigger challenge
  • Simplify number of menu items
  • Change mental model for ending an auction to focus on bidder rather than item
  • Consider parts of the close-out process that are affected by the creation process
    • Identifying which items are taxable
    • Determining who will pay the fees - the nonprofit or the bidder
Results from Testing
  • Customers liked the combined views
  • Customers did not understand the proposed close-out process
  • Customers identified other, larger pain points that had not previously been identified internally
    • Supporters accidentally bid too high
    • Supporters forget to update credit card information before bidding
    • Supporters accidentally purchase tickets twice


Redesigned Dashboard
Redesigned & Combined Items View
Redesigned & Combined Websites View
Redesigned Close-Out Process

Original Screens & Process Sketches

Original Navigation Structure
Original Dashboard
Original Items View
Original Websites View