FrontStream Analytics Offering

  • Update designs provided by data warehouse team
  • Test with users to validate solution & determine priority of developing dashboards
  • Create dedicated analytics section on platform
  • Allow users to add/remove dashboards as they see fit for their organization
  • Ensure colors are accessible for contrast with background for users with low vision
  • Ensure labels are clear for users with color blindness
Results from Testing
  • Customers did not find value in a total annual donations view
  • Customers were most invested in comparing event donations


Next Steps
  • Give customers a way to download individual dashboards
  • Provide similar comparison charts to in-progress events
Redesigned Event Donations - Comparing 2 Events
Redesigned Event Donations - Comparing 4 Events
Redesigned Event Participants - Comparing 2 Events
Redesigned Event Teams - Comparing 2 Teams

Original Screens & Process Images

Original Event Donations
Original Event Participants
Original Event Teams

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